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More officers join dissent, protest grows

October 24, 2002

More officers joined the peaceful protest agaisnt the Hugo Chavez Government asking for a referendum. Tonight the second in command of the National Guard joined the group together with a few dozen high ranking officers from all forces. The crowds continue to grow and the dissenters appear to be gaining momentum. It is clear that the Chavez administration has decided to ignore what is happening in the hope that it will wither away. While this strategy may appear to be the correct one, at this time it is just not working and the weekend should work in the dissenting officers’ favor. 

Response to the International Human Rights Seminar of Oxford University

October 24, 2002

While I did not want to prepare a proper response to the statement made by the International Human Rights Seminar of Oxford University, Antonio Guzman-Blanco and Anibal Romero have taken the painstaking task of replying in detail to the statement. The response is included within the Requena Files and shows the poor knowledge of said Seminar about Venezuelan issues and the huge mistake in judgement that represented the invitation of Hugo Chavez to speak at a reputable Seminar on Human Rights. Once again I challenge the IHRS to deny recieving any donation or contribution from the Venezuelan Government or any Government institution. 

Response to the Human Rights Seminar (IHRS) statement of Oxford University

October 24, 2002


Reference is made to the International Human Rights Seminar (“IHRS”) statement dated Monday,

14th October, 2002 which was issued in preparation for the visit of President Hugo Chavez Frias

on Thursday, 17th October 2002 to the University of Oxford.


The IHRS statement begins as follows: