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Government backs down, Chavez’ pilot jumps ship and military corruption

October 26, 2002

As the crowds in Plaza Altamira grew larger and the atmosphere became quite festive, the Chavez Government backed down somewhat from its tough position when both the Vice-President and the Attorney General said that Friday’s decision by a control judge was illegal and ordes had been given to the police not to attempt to detain neither the officers nor the civilians who have invoked civil disobedience.

Meanwhile the Chief pilot of Chavez’ brand new $65 million dollar Airbus, jumped ship and joined the dissenting officers in Altamira not before accusing the President of corruption for using the Presidential and other planes to transport family members of the President and other government officials in private junkets as well as transporting Chavez’ bolivarian circles.

In another clear act of corruption, the Minisiter of Defense sent a memo to all officers saying it was obligatory to participate in a christmas music festival organized by the military to entertain the “community” of Chavez’ party sympathizers MVR. The Minister of Defense was also accused of corruption when he was President of INCE, before becoming Minister.

Long live Chavez’ corrupt revolution!


Plaza Altamira pictures Night and Day

October 26, 2002

After the largest crowd last night, it thinned somewhat in the morning, but it is growing now. Above two pictures from last night at about 2 AM when it was quite crowded and this morning at 11 AM from similar angles. The Government is threatening to jail on Monday both civilians and military leaders that have appeared on the stage set in the plaza. A high risk strategy as the crowd will make it difficult and if nothing happens the Government will look powerless.