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Complementary picture to those below

November 16, 2002

This is a TV image right after I took the pictures below when people were being gassed, the setting is the same as the last picture below, you can see the highway divider that is in my picture, except that there are fewer people than in my picture dispersed by the gases.

Constitution, who cares about the Constitution?

November 16, 2002

The Chavez administration who cries weekly because supposedly the opposition is planning a coup, stepped repeatedly on the Constitution this week, without the Attroney Genral, the Natoonal Assembly or the Supreme Court saying very much about it. Chvaez, who once said he was the law, is proving he was not joking with his actions:

-He intervened the Municipal police, violating the separation of powers. Moreover, two years ago, the Government ahd tried to do the same thing and asked the Supreme Court to “interpret” what the Constitution says about the autonomy of the Municipal police of Caracas. The Court said only the Mayor of Caracas could name the Head f that police.

-Chvaez had asked the Supreme Court to rule whether the new Electoral Power Law was Constitutional or not. The Court said it was, according to the same Constitution, the President then had no option but to approve it, instead Chavez sent it to the National Assembly. Chavez changed 41 of the articles of this Bill before sending it to the Assembly. He is the law, no question about it.

-That day the National Assembly “approved” the new bill with the presence of 82 Deputies, curiosly this is below quorum. Who cares, we are the law!

The Head of the military said that if you amde a poll 100% of those polled would say they were happy to have the military intervene the police. Ummm, nobody asked me, but doesn’t this sound like Saddam Hussein?

I simply find what is happening in Venzeuela incredible, mor so the silence of all those organizations that have been so critical of the opposition.  The only voive has been that of Otto Reich, the Subsecretary for Latin American affairs who said yesterday that Venezuela was becoming a problem and Chavez’ revolution had failed.

Military unit and National Guard gas peaceful demonstration

November 16, 2002

Miltary and National Guard units gassed a peaceful crowd three times this afternoon/evening in another act of repression by the facist Chavez Government. I took the pictures below right before the third attack, I really did not believe that they would do it again. The act was another cowardly act by the Chavez administration. The protesters were demonstrating against the unconstitutional takeover of the Metropolitan police of Caracas by the military and the Chavez Government., This violates the autonomy of municipalities and is not only illegal, but the Chavez Governmenmt had already asked the Supreme Court to interpret this part of the Constitution. As you can see from the fourth picture it is a peaceful crowd. Curious how the violent Bolivarian Circles have only been gassed twice while for the opposition it is becoming routine. The TV just showed how after the gassing the lady who is head of the bolivarian circles in the East of Caracas hugged the Head of the National Guard unit, smiling in joy. My friends, this is facism and Venezuela is slowly melting into a dictatorship under the eyes of the stupid people like the Carter Center, the OAS and Human Rights Watch who have played right into the hands of the cynicism of the Chavez Government.