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Two nice blogs by fellow Venezuelans

November 22, 2002

It is nice when in one day I discover two nice blogs by fellow Venezuelans (both in Spanish!): by Afrael Ortiz who lives in Florida and is interested in music, programming and languages

and by Jose, no last name as far as I can determine who writes about cool blogs and links he finds abut many things including programming, Venezuela and many others.

Keep on blogging!! like Jerry Garcia would have said if he were alive

Superficial comment about Venezuela in today’s New York Times Editorial

November 22, 2002

I was outraged and surprised at the superficial comment in today’s New York Times about Venezuela. In an Editorial about Latin America, the closing sentence is:

“It also means insisting that Venezuela’s opposition groups refrain from taking unlawful or violent paths in confronting President Chávez”

I am outraged because there is no similar call on Chavez and his violent bolivarian circles, partisans, military comrades and/or advisers who have constantly used violence and illegality to confront the opposition. I am outraged because the opposition has been patiently looking for the legal solution of a referendum only to be met by trickery and sneaky legal maneuvering at every instance. I am outraged because Hugo Chavez 18 months ago refused to sign the Quebec Declaration because he did not believe in the term representative democracy as he believed only in participatory democracy, but now has said that he will not resign if he loses the referendum asking for his resignation. I am outraged because violence has been the tool of Chavez all along, but security forces have never used tear gas against them unless guns were used, but most recent peaceful demonstrations by the opposition hev been met with the use of tear gas. I am outraged because the Chavez Government has intervened the Metropolitan police of Caracas in clear violation of the Constitution and the autonomy of municipalities. And I am outraged because the Chavez controlled National Assembly has blocked all efforts to establish a truth commission to determine what happened during the massacre of an opposition demonstartion in April where nineteen people died.

Finally I am surprised that such a comment can be made by the New York Times. How many more people have to die before the international press recognizes Chavez for what he is? How many more violations of the Constitution and the law have to occur? Clearly, we have to forget about any possibility of international support if the events of the last six months have not permeated through the informed circles of the world. We will get rid of Chavez by legal means if he allows it to happen, if not, we will have to play according to his rules, before we wake up one day to discover that there are no rules anymore…….