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Vice-President calls US envoy

November 27, 2002

Vice President Jose Vicente Rangel called Otto Reich, the US special envoy (or ex-envoy by now) for Latin America a “provocatour” saying Reich was either “irreponsable or a clown”. Reich’s crime? Simple, he said that he could not believe that Chavez was serious when he said that he would not resign even if 90% of the people voted against him in the proposed referendum. I am sure that Vice-President Rangel would have called any other Venezuelan President a clown if he had said what Chavez said. How times change, Rangel used to be the most critical reporter, accusing President and Governments of corruption, human rights violations and undemocratic ways, but now he supports Chavez’ every move with sharp words.

Speaking of clowns, President Chaves said today that, and I quote to make sure I am precise: “I have always looked for undersatnding between Venezuelans, even those that are against me”. Well, it is so incredible that he said that, that it actually seems like a joke. Nobody has created more hated among Venezuelans than Hugo Chavez, he has attacked everyone, dropped supporters and in general, has been the most divisionistic President of Venezuela in the last one hundred years. To me this statement simply shows that Chavez is just mentally unstable.

(You can find Otto Reich’s complete interview here)

vcrisis: Good site on what is happening in Venezuela

November 27, 2002

Another good site for news of Venezuela’s political crisis is, I have added the link to the resistance links on the left. The site is in English and is completely devoted to providing information about Venezuela and the truth of what is going on. Good job, good information!!

This picture is taken from vcrisis, as the Chinese say, a picture is worth one thousand words:

Supreme Court approves trial of Minister of Defense

November 27, 2002

The Venezuelan Supreme Court today granted an injunction requested by General Rommel Fuenmayor (Only in Venezuela is a General named Rommel) to stop the “investigative council” against the General. According to the Venezuelan Constitution, a high officer may only be tried after the Supreme Court has judged that there are merits to the trial. More importantly, the Supreme Court ruled that the Minsiter of Defense can be tried for disobeying the Highest Court and authorized the Attorney General to start such a trial. Fuenamyor’s lawyers said they will now accuse the Minister of abuse of power.

These are the same charges that the Head of the Chiefs of Staff denounced when he resigned on Oct. 10th. citing violations to the Human Rights of the military officers. I am still waiting for Human Rights Watch to speak out about this, but I am sure they will not say anything. They only care about the rights of the Government in their ignorance about teh Venezuelan situation, they think the opposition is like Pinochet and Chavez is like Allende, while we all know is the other way around.