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How many naked women will it take to attain peace in Venezuela?

November 18, 2002

From The Raven:

Fifty women undressed for peace. In Spanish the word for peace has only three letters PAZ, but I get the feeling in Venezuela we would need more than fifty naked women in order to attain peace, the way things are going.

Radio Libertad: Live from Plaza Altamira on the Internet! (thanks to Tyromaniac)

November 18, 2002

My brother has created an Internet broadcast of Radio Libertad (90.7 FM), the unofficial radio station of Plaza Altamira. The signal is not great because it has a limited range and he lives right at the fringes, but here is the link

To make ot work you will need quicktime, get it running, say open URL and paste the link:


Enjoy even if the signal is not great!!!

Facts and rumors as tension reaches a new peak

November 18, 2002

After an afternoon of confrontation between protesters and the National Guard, there continues to be a lot of tension in the city. There are many facts and rumors floating in the air which I will attempt to sort out:

-The Supreme Court ordered the President to issue the electoral bill, ratifying that four members of the National Electoral Commission are needed for any decision.

-The Electoral Commission met and ratified with four of its members all of the decisions of last week.

-The Head of the intelligence police said this morning that the “bomb” last night at TV station Globovision was no such thing and was only a “fire”. This afternoon the Technical Police found the fragmentary granade that was used, including the triggering mechanism, brand name, model and that it was Made in Germany.

-The oposition is seriously considering a nationwide strike for an indefinite period.

-There will be a march tomorrow from Plaza Altamira to the National Assembly to protest the takeover of the Metropolitan police by the military, the Head of the Metropolitan police that was supposedly removed on Saturday guaranteed that over eight hundred policeman will guard the march tomorrow.

On the rumor front:

-The Government will takeover forcefully Plaza Altamira tonight where dissident military officers have been for over three weeks. Reportedly the Government will declare a state of emergency prior to this sometime tonight.

-The highest ranking military officer in Plaza Altamira, Gral. Medina Gomez said that the troops that are being used agaisnt the peaceful demonstrations are not military but former cops and members of the Bolivarian Circles.

-Reportedly the Government had told OAS mediator Cesar Gaviria that it would not intervene the police or take over Plaza Altamira while the negotiations were taking place and Gaviria is quite upset at the Government’s actions.  

-Gaviria reportedly was in the Dominican Republic this weekend at the Iberoamerican summit where he met privately with most Heads of State to discuss the possibility of invoking the Democratic Letter of the OAS of which Venezuela is a participant.