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February 10, 2003

From today’s Tal Cual Editorial entitled “Petrocide”:

“The number of people fired in PDVSA reached already ten thousand. It is more than a quarter of the company’s workers. A true labor genocide, a senseless and incomprehensible massacre.”

“Chavez appears to have no true conscience of the enormous economic and social catastrophe that the country is falling into. A conscious Government official would understand that a strike like the one the country has gone thru (even if it could have been questionable) reveals a sustantive crisis in the nation. That millions of Venezuelans participated in this work stoppage in  a way that The Economist has qualified as suicidal, as self-destructive, says a lot of the dimension, of the magnitude and of the depth of rejection that the coupster of 92 has generated among his fellow citizens”

Posters sent by Oscar

February 10, 2003

31 years working for my country, family and PDVSA, in four you have destroyed everything, I will not allow it

Good pictures sent by Oscar

February 10, 2003

Huge march, no?                                Scaring Chavez with the virgin

More pictures from the PDVSA march

February 10, 2003

This and more good pictures inside, sent by Oscar