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Anti-war marches pale in comparison to Venezuelan protests

February 17, 2003

I guess the anti-war demonstrations last weekend have made marches and demonstration a hot topic in the US and the world. Here is an article about counting how many people are in a march and how the “million people” march only had 400,000 in attendance. The picture below on the left is supposedly the 15,000 people that attended the Seattle demonstration, looks tiny to me compared with Venezuelan standards. This blog has lots pictures of posters, almost like a Venezuelan march, except they seem to get a little rougher and nastier, the one on the right below, did seem just out of a Venezuelan one march though. Finally, this link from the Moscow Times has a table of how many people attended the marches worlwide. I had looked at lots of pictures and was only impressed by the demonstration in Rome when I compared them to the ones in Venezuela, the table shows I was right. All of these articles and pictures from last weekend confirm to me that the Venezuelan “rebellion” is quite unique.  We get hundreds of thousands routinely in Caracas a city of four million. This is an indication of the profound dislike of the Chavez regime an it simply indicates that Hugo Chavez is fighting an uphill battle to remain in power. (Some of the links via Instapundit)