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Some observations on today’s events

February 26, 2003

    • Thirty six hours after the assassin of Altamira confessed minutes after his crime; President Hugo Chavez defended him and called him “this gentleman”. Thirty six hours after Hugo Chavez had sharp words for the Governments of the US, Spain and Colombia, the Embassies of the last two countries were bombed in a criminal act. Thirty six hours after this terrorist act, the world has yet to hear from Hugo Chavez, he has simply not condemned them. Meanwhile, only hours after the bombings, the Heads of State of Colombia and Spain had already expressed their condemnation 
    • The US Embassy just announced that it will be closed tomorrow due to “reliable” information that there is a threat of an attack against it.
    • The Government representatives to the negotiation table did not show up for the scheduled meeting, due to “security” concerns. Now, I wonder, the Government can not protect its own Cabinet, what is left to us!
    • The Government showed some nervousness that the Colombian police announced that it will “aid” in the investigations of the bombing to its Embassy. It quickly clarified that the “aid” will be restricted to the Embassy itself. Now, as I understand C4 can be traced, but the Colombian cooperation was not expected and may complicate matters, no?  

Attorney General requests detention of seven PDVSA managers

February 26, 2003

The Venezuelan Attorney General Isaias Rodriguez, asked a control judge to order the detention of seven PDVSA managers. The charge is that because of the strike in December services such as electricity (??) and gas were suspended. According to the lawyers of the mangers, this vioaltes their right to defend themselves since they have not been asked to declare prior to the charge. This is simply more repression by a Government that has done abosuletly nothing to find any of the assasins and shooters for 49 deaths and over 700 injured in marches during the last year. With this action, if accepted by the judge, the third most important leader of the opposition, Juan Fernandez of PDVSA, will also have an order to be detained. Who is next, more opposition or the media?

UPDATE: The Judge ordered the detention of the seven PDVSA managers. Is this a dictatorship or what?