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Detailed audited results of the Firmazo released

February 19, 2003


Sumate, the private group that organized the collection of signatures for as many as ten different referenda on Feb. 2nd. reported today the final figures for the total number of signatures obtained. The Constitutional amendment petition was the most successful (and visible) of all of them, receiving 4.426 million signatures. Our own calculation suggests this is truly an outstanding number if one assumes typical abstention levels, the fact that the activity was restricted to towns and cities above a certain size, bypassing as much as 25% of the country’s population and that the pro and anti-Chavez forces are divided 30% to 70%. Under these assumptions, we obtain a maximum possible of 4.8 million pro-Chavez voters for potentially signing the petitions. Note that only 15% of the registered voters are required for an amendment, but the final number was 37% of all registered voters. For the recall referendum, a total of 3.245 million signatures were collected above the required 3 million signatures. Finally for the referendum to revoke 47 of the 49 laws approved by the Government under the enabling law, Sumate gathered a total of 3.5 million signatures, while only 1.2 million were needed. Clearly, there is no longer a mandate for a revolution. In fact, this is a clear rejection of what Hugo Chavez and his revolution stand for. 


Confusing information about three dissident military officers who were shot dead

February 19, 2003

I did not know what to do with the confusing information about three military officers who were part of the dissident military in Altamira Square and were shot this weekend. So I will just quote my brother the Tyromaniac on it:

For those who think there is no torture or dictatorship in Venezuela. Read this. Three soldiers, plus a lady that was with them, who frequented Plaza Altamira, were kidnapped, tortured and killed…

More info on this here and here. Very strange…I don’t believe in coincidences.