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US State Department Human Rights report on Venezuela

April 2, 2003

These are the links to the US State Department Report on Human Rights in Venezuela both in Spanish and English. The Venezuelan Foreign Minister said yesterday that human rights are not violated in Venezuela. Obviously the State Department faked the pages  and pages of details, references and data about violations of human rights in my country. Maybe the Minister simply does not know what a Human Right is. From death squads, to free speech, to killings, to impunity, there is simply too much there and very little that can be defended or be proud of.

Families of April 11th. victims to appeal

April 2, 2003

The families of those that died on April 11th. 2002 will appeal yesterday’s decision by an Appeals Court to free the gunmen from Puente El Llaguno (see story right below). Mohamed Merhi, the father of one of those killed while he participated in the opposition march said today that they will bring the case up to the Constitutional Hall of the Court and if not succesful, he would take it to International Penal Court where there is no impunity. One of the lawyers of another victim pointed out that the simple act of shooting into a crowd merited a different treatment than simply releasing the prisoners and trying them for illegal use of weapons.

Meanwhile the former President of the National Assembly and MVR Deputy Wiliam Lara said “this was an act of justice”. Clearly he must mean the justice of impunity that prevails in this stupid revolution.