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King of Spain award to two Venezuelan TV cameramen

April 10, 2003

Two Venezuelan cameramenn from channel 4, received yesterday the “King of Spain” award for their video of the April11 th. massacre. Those seeing shooting at the peaceful march in the video were freed last week and President Chavez and those accused have actually said that the video is not real and that it was edited……

Amnesty International on the anniversary of the April 11th. tragedy

April 10, 2003

Amnesty International issued today a report on Venezuela on the anniversary of the April 11th. tragedy. Here are some quotes:

“It is time that both the government and opposition stop attempting to use the events of April 11 to serve their political agendas and instead create the climate in which the facts can be established, justice can be secured and the victims can receive reparations.”

“The recent dismissal of murder charges against those accused of shooting from the Puente Llaguno, and the failure to charge Metropolitan Police implicated in the deaths and injuries suffered on 11 April, demonstrate the weakness of the official investigation. It also raises serious concerns about the capacity of the state to effectively prosecute all those responsible,”

“Impunity for human rights violations leaves the victims and their families without redress and encourages further violations. This can only fuel the climate of violence undermining the rule of law and human rights in Venezuela.”

“Impartial and effective investigations into human rights violations committed in April 2002 and subsequent incidents are the only means of rebuilding confidence in the police and criminal justice system and ending the climate of impunity,”

While I agree that April 11th. should not be used by either the Government and the opposition for tehir own political gain, I disagree on blaming the opposition for the absence of a “truth” commission. Such a commission does not existe simply because Chavez’ MVR blocked all efforts for it through its majority in the National Assembly.

All the Deputies you would love to call

April 10, 2003

Somebody took the trouble of compiling the home and cellular phone numbers of all of Chavez’ Deputies in the National Assembly. If you have anything to say to them please call them and tell them. Here is the full table, courtesy of CEF


Chirac the cynic

April 10, 2003

I simply can’t believe this quote:

“France, like every democracy, is rejoicing over the collapse of Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship, and hopes for a quick and effective end to the battle.”

if Jacques Chirac can say that now, he is more of a cynic than I ever believed possible.

Two leftist groups, separate ways, separate events

April 10, 2003

While the European left comes to Venezuela to “celebrate” the anniversary of last year’s events, which is obscene on its own right, the Venezuelan left held a seminar yesterday to talk about the fraud that Chavez’ revolution represents. The event was organized initially by most center-left and left wing parties in Venezuela, but the Democratic Coordinator decided to join  in the effort. Ironic how distance makes the European left think that there is something worthwhile left in Chavez’ revolution while the local left, together with the federation of unions comes together to talk about the frudulent revolution.