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Some more pictures

April 13, 2003

Nice Cattleya Intermedia                                          A better Laelia Lobata picture

A closer picture of the Tolumnia I posted yesterday. Note that it is less than a centimeter in size. You could probably fit close to three in one inch.

Oil, Iraq and The Devil’s Excrement

April 13, 2003

Tony sent this link to an article in today’s Boston Globe talking about the fact that oil is indeed The Devil’s Excrement and how oil is more of a curse than a blessing.

The naviete of Rep. Charles Rangel

April 13, 2003

Rep. Charles Rangel, a Democrat from New York, is quoted in the New York Times as saying:

“This about ends that discussion, I don’t know how far they are going to go, but they know how to support their enemies and get rid of their friends.”

Enemies? Friends? How naive can this guy be? Fidel Castro has never had any friends. The few he had, he killed or expelled from Cuba. Killing people like this is not new to castro. Does Rangel know how many people Castro killed his first day in Havana? And they were exactly the politicians that would make life hard for him. Does Rangel really think that Dictators change? Or that Castro will somehow be converted into respecting people’s human rights when he has not given a damn for 44 years. Moreover, these people are not Castro’s enemies for no reason, they oppose Castro, precisely because of what Castro has done in the last four decades. Somebody should tell Mr. Rangel about the Los Pinos jail, to see if he still feels like being a friend of Castro afterwards. Wake up Mr Rangel!

Note added: I tremble when I read this article in which Fidel Castro expresses his happiness at being a witness to what is happening in Venezuela today. Mr. Rangel should worry too.