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List of dissidents jailed in Cuba

April 23, 2003

Chilling to see the list of Cubans sentenced by the repressive Castro Government to jail sentnecs for opposing the Government. Note that the human rights activists and journalists were sentenced to at least ten years in prison and as many as twenty six. The list was provided by Hoystory via Instapundit. I do disagree with Hoystory that this justifies the embargo. I think the embargo has only hurt the Cuban people and would actually help get rid of Castro if removed. Is this where we are headed here? To those that think I may be exagerating, we had a pro Castro Cuban priest on nationwide TV yesterday speaking next to Chavez for about 40 minutes, this a week after the worldwide extreme left met in Caracas to hail Chavez…….

The Unethical revolution: Chavez is the State

April 23, 2003

The lack of ethics of the Chavez revolution is shown here in pictures of the packaging of the black beans being sold by the Venezuelan Government in a new chain of “popular” supermarkets, one of which Chavez inaugurated yesterday. These packages are subsidized and sold by the Government in these so called “popular” markets at low prices. A lot of the stuff is imported by the Government to compete with the private sector. This is rather easy to do, the private sector has no access to foreign currency, but the Government does. But what is incredible is how this foodstuffs paid by all Venezuelans is used to promote Chavez, his Government and his project. The text below on the left says: “Bolivarian Government. Special Plan for providing food. The people, the armed forces and the Government have defeated the attempted strike and sabotage and the economy of the country. There has never been a Government that resisted so much and came out victorious. But despite this universal lesson of patriotism and conscience , the enemy (read 70% of Venezuelans in the opposition) pretends to continue their destruction, promoting shortages. But they will fail here too, because there is resolve in the people, armed forces armed with dignity and a Government that responds. When the people need it, the Government responds!”. The back side says: “Thousands of street vendors, merchants and small shop owners said no to sabotage, did not pay attention to the strike and maintained our stores at the people’s orders”. It then quotes the paragraph of the Constitution that gives the public powers the order to guarantee food provisioning”

So these are black beans used to promote the “revolution” and the “process” and all of it paid by us, the same Venezuelans that oppose Chavez but can’t have an election or referendum take place. The packages say little about the fact that there are going to be shortages beacuse of the inefficient and incompentent exchange controls imposed by the Chavez Government, which in the last 90 days has given out less than $1 million to food importers!!! But this is the true incompentent face of this unethical revolution which has increased unemployment by 75% in four years and has increased poverty to unparalleled levels.