History repeated in Carabobo

June 29, 2003

Events should be remembered. That is one of the reasons for this blog, to provide the documentation to the events and abuses of the Chavez era. Pedro Llorens in today’s El Nacional (page A-9) reminds us of one such interesting case. When Hugo Chavez denied access to the Governor of Carabobo this week to the parade celebrating the 182rd. Anniversary of the last battle for Venezuela‘s independence in the battlefield of the same name, it was not the first time a President had given orders not to allow someone in that parade. In fact, it was the second time. The first one? In 1994, during the celebration of 173rd. anniversary, then President Rafael Caldera denied access to the parade to none other than recently pardoned coup plotter Hugo Chavez himself. Chavez had no rank or position at the time, but Caldera gave orders not to allow him in, because he suspected Chavez was trying to overthrow his Government. An irate Chavez said then: “For the first time in these so-called democratic Governments, which are so only in appearance, a President of the Republic, dares give orders like this one…I think the main destabilizers in the country were in there with the President, which are the political sectors that have committed treason against the hopes of the people”. As the Spanish saying goes :”The fish die through their own mouth”.

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