The phantom public works

July 1, 2003


As usual Luis Egana does a fantastic job in his article today entitled “Public works of the revolution?”. I will not translate it is quite long, but essentially he points out that all of the public works announced by Chavez in the nationwide address with the Minister of Infrastructure, are actually works initiated by the Fourth Republic, which his Government simply removing the financing. On Thursday, Chavez personally handed out checks and contracts for these “public works” to individual and companies in a flashy program, carefully choreographed and orchestrated. Among the public works presented as new were the Caracas-Tuy railroad, the Caruachi dam, line 4 of the subway and the Guinche housing project. The best part of his article however was pointing out that in July 2001, Chávez also held a nationwide press conference to “present” almost the same list of public works. Egana then says: “later he got enthusiastic about other doings. In any case, we hope that these public works which represent the continuity of the state can be continued. The National reconstruction which Venezuela will have to embark in will need it”. Hear Hear!

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