Once again, we are so close…..

July 22, 2003

In a story we have heard before, the Head of the investigative police said today that they are very close to finding out who is responsible for the recent bombs in various parts of Caracas. We heard that in Decemebr when Joao de Goveia was captured after the shootings in Altamira square, two types of bullets were found, up to today nothing else has been heard about who else was responsible for that assasination. In February the Colombian and Spanish Embassies were bombed and both this branch of the police, Chavez, the Vice-President and MVR party members said they knew who had done it. Then came the bombings of Enrique Mendoza, the attempt on Marta Colomina, the sound device at Union Radio, the bomb at PDVSA and somehow we are still waiting for a single suspect to be arrested, or some evidence and more than just the usual, bla…bla..bla…

Note: Thursday is a holiday here, I will take advantage of it and go away…the Devil will rest…..

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