Suspicions with foundation

August 30, 2003

Two days ago, Teodoro Petkoff wrote an Editorial in Tal Cual praising Brazilian President Lula Da Silva, who was visiting Caracas, for the seriousness and fairness with which he was carrying out his Presidency. Yesterday he received this letter which eh published in today’s paper:

“Shit (Coño) Teodoro, you went overboard with Lula, it had been a while since I had read so much sucking up in so few lines: “This social fighter profoundly compromised with the cause of the humble”, which humble ones? The friends of Marco Aurelio? (Marco Aurelio Garcia is Lula’s foreign Ministry Advisor) All of this confirmed my suspicions about your weaknesses towards this “former metallurgical worker” perfect example of the men of left who die nowadays to please the oligarchs and the technocrats of neoliberalism.

What is fascinating about Lula is his talent for relegitimizing all of those summits like Davos or the G8 without forgetting that mummy which is Anthony Giddens. (Giddens is a Sociologist who is the Director of the London School of Economics) To tell you the truth he is a lot like you ‘Bon Sauvage”. Regards. Maximilien Arvelaiz

Petkoff’s comment:

 Maximilien Arvelaiz is an ink shitter who operates from Miraflores (the Presidential palace). His nice letter confirms our suspicions, those that led us to believe that in the territories of the “Bolivarian revolution” the moment Lula revealed himself as a serious man and not a crazy stone thrower, the initial sympathies went up in smoke. Obrigado (Thank you in Portuguese) Maximilien.

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