When the outlaws want the victims to be the criminals

August 30, 2003

The legal representatives of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez went to the Supreme Court to request the Court initiates a criminal investigation accusing the relatives of the victims of the April 11 massacre of treason. The reason: accusing Hugo Chavez in a foreign country. This is the type of justice in which this supposedly “humane” Government believes in. This Government has done absolutely nothing to determine who was responsible for the deaths of the April 11th. Massacre. The shooters of Puente El Llaguno, caught live on camera shooting that day at the peaceful demonstration, are not only free in the streets, but some of them went back to their important positions as part of Chavez’ MVR party. The Chavez controlled National Assembly blocked the “Truth Commission” to determine what happened that day. The Attorney General has not brought charges against Chavez and those that were recorded on tape saying they would send the “Bolivarian Circles” against the peaceful marchers. He can’t, according to testimony by two Generals the Attorney General was part of a meetting on April 9th. in which Chavez and his cohorts discussed how to stop the demonstrations with force. Thus, this group of family members of the victims, who has received no justice in Venezuela, goes to international Courts, accusing Chavez of violating the Human Rights of their dead relatives and Chavez wants them to be tried for treason to the country! This is the true face of this fake revolution led by a man whose megalomania has made him renounce those same principles that he spoused so cynically in order to have people vote for him.


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