Outlaws at all and the highest levels, we will not forget them

August 30, 2003

Despite the fact that it is in violation of two different laws, Minister of Infrastructure Diosdado Cabello launched today his campaign for Governor of Miranda State. The law bars anyone holding public office from being a candidate. In fact, the law says you can not even announce you are a candidate after you have resigned from your public position for one month. Moreover, since there are no scheduled elections for the next six months, nobody can announce their candidacy to anything at this point. To make matters even worse, the Vice-President himself, Jose Vicente Rangel, showed up at the rally today to endorse Diosdado’s candidacy. Thus the outlaws are at the highest levels of power in the country, but we knew that, former military are also banned by law from using uniforms, but that did not stop Hugo Chavez from wearing one yesterday. Moreover, he made threats while doing it saying that soldiers have to decide whether they will shoot against the people or the oligarchs. No country can progress if its Government does not defend the law and the Constitution. Those in power in Venezuela today have no scruples and violate the law daily. Whether this year, next or ten years from now, they will pay for violating the laws, the rights of the people and stealing billion of dollars. They think they are beyond the law, but the world and the people of Venezuela will never forget their names and faces.

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