Ten new fish and one new shrimp species discovered in Venezuela

August 31, 2003

Over a year ago, when I began writing this blog, I wrote an article about the discovery of a new orchid species in Peru and how amazing it was that such discoveries could still be made in this planet. Well, through the wonders of blogging, I learned today in one of my favorite blogs, Secular Blasphemy, written by a Norwegian named Jan, that in the Caura river in the South West of Venezuela a recent expedition found ten new fish species and one new shrimp species. One of the new fish is a fuit eating pirnaha. All in a single river! Amazing isn’t it! Here is a picture of one of them named Aphyocharax yekwanae in honor of the indian tribe that lives in the area:

It’s a pity the local media has not picked this up, but blogs may help disseminate the news. (It turns out the news is all over the place, besides Jan’s Secular Blasphemy, Salon itself covered it. MSNBC also covered it via Reuters, with a better picture of the fish)

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