Tal Cual’s wit and cleverness

September 29, 2003

Teodoro Petkoff is a very clever guy. The former Minister of Planning is now Director of the Tal Cual newspaper where he writes with seriousness and wit , both at the same time. Today was a case in point. Last Thursday Tal Cual published this picture of Chavez:

the headline was “At Gunpoint” and the Editorial said that Chavez was pointing a gun at the head of the President of the Comision Nacional Electoral when he said that “if the regulations are approved at gunpoint to count the votes manually, we will not accept it”

The Government’s reaction was to sue the newspaper, because according to the Minister of Infrastructure and Communications, the newspaper had put a gun in Chavez’ hand without explaining that it was a montage. Well, today Petkoff responded with this montage of the Minister himself, with flowers in his hands and a headline that says :” Skin deep”

But the best part, as usual, was the Editorial. With his customary wit, Petkoff suggests that maybe he should have clarified it, because Chavez repeatedly wore his military uniform even if it was illegal, using his mouth to threaten everyone with his military power of guns and tanks. Petkoff suggests that indeed he should have explained it because if there was someone capable of holding a gun like that, it would be Chavez himself. He also points out that the oversize gun should make it clear it is a montage.

Then, as you can see at the bottom of today’s paper, it says “Pinochio and Superman also sue Tal Cual” , referring to the times when the paper has used these images to mock the President or his Government. In fact, inside the paper there is a gallery of those that are supposedly suing the newspaper, including  from top left to bottom right those images he has used to mock Chavez: Pinochio, The Lone Ranger, Simon Bolivar, Venezuela’s first Congress, Neil Amstrong and Sammy Sosa:

Way to go Teodoro!


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