Another delay due to over regulation

October 14, 2003


The effects of over regulating the petition drive for signatures for the recall referenda is being felt already. One month after the more than three million signatures were rejected by the Consejo Nacional Electoral on technicalities, we are still nowhere close to being able to gather them again. As told today by one of the members of the CNE, it will be at least another month before the petition drive can even take place. The reason is simply bureaucracy. If the gathering of the signatures had been the responsibility of the opposition, we would have done it two weeks ago. However, now we have the “design” of the forms to get the signatures, the forms “need” bar-coding, they “have” to be printed by the Government and they have to be “controlled” by the CNE. Thus add another month to the long drawn out process.

Of course these very important issues are being considered, while others are being put aside, like the fact that the voting has to be automated. I am sure that they will find a way to postpone the actual recall even longer if we ever get to that point (I doubt it). These people have no scruples and no belief in democracy; they have kidnapped the system without saying it explicitly. Look for more excuses to postpone the petition drive knows as the “Reafirmazo”, if we gather the signatures the signal to the world will be very clear, Chavez can not afford to lbe whipped in an election.


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