Flimsy accusations on bombings

October 14, 2003

The irresponsability of the Chavez adminsitration is such that for the last two days, the Head of the investigative police and the Minister of Justice have been making accusations against opposition personalities without exhibiting a single iota of proof. In both cases they accuse the Head of Security of Altamira Square, where dissenting military have been for almsot a year, as well as two of the Generals from that group, of placing the bombs at La Carlota airport and Fuerte Tiuna two weeks ago. The Minisster even said that seven people had been detained. But curiously, the prosecutor in the case said afterwards that he had no knowledge of anyone in detention for the case, as required by law. Thus, the infamous Minister who told Venezuela in April 2002 that Chavez had resigned, appears to be saying he has detained people illegally. In his usual confusing ways, the Minister then said that those in jail were not directly realted to these cases, but older ones, as if it would make any difference……


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