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Public Service: El Reafirmazo web page

November 3, 2003

Many people are starting to wonder about the petition drive to take place on November 28th., 29th., 30th. and Dec. 1st. to ask for a recall referendum to recall Hugo Chavez. Questions such as:  Where to go to sign the petition? How to check how you are registered in the electoral registry? and many others are all answered at the Reafirmazo web page. For those abroad, there is a link in the page to the CNE where news about electoral centers abroad will be posted. According to CNE Director, Ezequiel Zamora, there will be 20 Electoral Centers abroad (sounds like too few to me!) so Venezuelans abroad should be “calm” according to him. Keep checking it!

My own personal recommendations to those in Venezuela:

1) Go early on Friday morning. If we are going to run out of forms, let’s have it happen on the first day. There will be no excuse in front of international observers not to come up with them in the next three days after that. Additionally, the Government is pressuring public workers into not signing or they will be fired. If those that are afraid see a massive outpouring the first day, they will go out and sign the petition. After you sign, hang around, talk to your friends in line, don’t go home…..make the process visibly spectacular!!!!!

2) Volunteer to be at the tables, get signatures in your neigborhood or make sure all your friends, neighbors, relatives can go sign or help them!

3) You can sign anywhere you want, don’t be afraid. Just make sure you only do it once.

Just a public service from your friendly blog for a better country.