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Another Chavez misconception, what else is new?

November 18, 2003


Yesterday in his nationwide Sunday address President and almighty Hugo Chavez carefully explained how the Consejo Nacional Electoral (CNE) would check “every single signature and fingerprint” of all of the signatures of the petition to ask for his recall. The only problem is…it is simply not true. In fact, neither the signature nor the fingerprint will be checked by the CNE, since neither is in the Electoral Board’s database, Moreover, the CNE will only verify the name, national identity card and birth date of signatures of the petition up to 20% of the population registered to vote. The process is simple, you show up with your national identity card at any of the 2700 centers, you sign and you leave. Then the CNE will simply verify you exist and the data is correct. The rest is in Chavez’ imagination, much like getting a billion dollars from the Central Bank or believing most Venezuelans voted for his “robolution”. That simple.


The following is a picture of Chavez during the program yesterday wearing an Indian hat and talking to a young kid, as someone said today: “Chavez stopped being part of the people many pounds ago”, moreover his self-image is as large as his ego: