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Some blooms just in time

November 15, 2003

Two Beautiful Venezuelan species: On the left spectacular Oncidium or Psychopsis Papilio. Most Venezuelans don’t even know it can be found in their country. This is a variety with very large lip that came from a selfing by a local grower. On the right is beautiful (and somewhat stinky!) Cattleya Percivaliana Gabriela, another Venezuelan Cattleya.

Two from Brazil: Left: Cattleya Nobilior, does not have a great shape but I love it anyway. On the right Cattleya Walkeriana.

And now Asia: The long shoot of Dendrochilum Cobbianum. Perhaps an expert will confirm that this is indeed that species. Have had it for a long time but have no clue as where it came form, but it does look somewhat like this.

I have had lots of vistors in the last two days thanks to the mention in the Orchids magazine of my blog (Thanks Susan!). I thought there was not much new to photograph, but my orchid room is always full of surprises like those above. Just in time for all of you to see them. Hope all of you who regularly take pictures of your orchids consider starting a blog. It is easy, cheap (sometimes even free!!) and it is a wonderful way to see, learn and compare your orchids with those of others. (Would be glad to help anyone considering setting one up). Enjoy!