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Cuatro Gatos

November 24, 2003

In Spanish, when you say there are only “four cats” (cuatro gatos) somewhere it means very few people went or are there. Here is Weil’s take on how many people went to sign in favor of recalling opposition Deputies. Definitely “cuatro gatos’. The only report I have heard so far of “lines” has been Dan’s family’s via Barquisimeto. By the way, Barquisimeto’s newpaper El Impulso showed the Governor himself giving away bicycles to buy  people into going out and signing. These are levels of corruption and unethical behavior never seen in the country’s history.  And local english-speaking paper “The Daily Journal” sent someone to answer a “want ad” for a job in which he was offered Bs. 200,000 to go out and sign the pro-Chavez petition. Despite this the “victory” by Chavez’ forces appears to be quite flimsy, indeed, in page 5 of today’s Tal Cual, MVR Deputy Dario Vivas says “We have enough signatures to have a recall vote on 23 out of 38 cases”. (How can they even expect to win the vote in these cases if they can only barely get 23 out of 38, which only requires 20% of the signatures). Whatever happened to the “revolution” and its overwhelming popularity? Is that all they can get. Indeed , only “cuatro gatos”:

Meanwhile, local paper El Universal was threatened with a fine for printing this picture on Saturday of “cuatro gatos” playing dominos at one of the many empty petition tables. According to the Electoral Board, the picture was sending a subliminal message. Obviously, in this revolution, reality is quite “subliminal”: