Some questions

August 16, 2004

I will not ban anyone from the comments, but please try to be civil to each other. I think everyone should understand that we needed a clean result and there wasn’t one so far. There are significant contradictions in the announcement by Carrasquero and he should have made an effort to reach a unanimous decision even if it involved waiting a few hours. If the Carter Center and the OAS do not endorse the results, we are facing unstable times ahead. All of us! Whether you support Chávez or not! At this time, there are many questions, let’s organize them and try, please, to center the discussion around these issues, you are free to talk about anything you want, God, the Red Sox (they lost yesterday too), but I would like to hear what people believe and think objectively about all of these issues:

1) Should Carrasquero have waited?

2) Why haven’t the Carter Center and the OAS said anything? Will they? Should we care (I do!)

 3) Should we count the paper ballots center by center and match those results to the machines?

 4) What about other international observers, should they tell us about their report? Are they all simply sleeping?

 5) Do the results make sense when compared to the number of signatures? Compared to the number of signatures of all of the petition processes?

6) Does it sound reasonable that the two CNE Directors that do not support Chávez were excluded from the process of totalling the votes?

Thank You

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