Some questions from Petkoff and one from me

August 16, 2004

These are some of the questions made by Tal Cual’s Editor Teodoro Petkoff in today’s Editorial:

CNE Directors Zamora and Mejías made very grave charges, for which public opinions require an explanation. How is it possible that the witnesses of the opposition witnesses (the same with pro-Chávez witnesses, that by the way, not even showed up) did not have access to the room where the results were calculated? How is it possible that no result from the random audit of the voting machines was ever presented? How is it possible that not only could the opposition witnesses not enter, but they never received their badges to be present at the audit? How can they give partial results with having certified the cover sheets of the results? Who computed the final results if the members of the committee that was supposed to do that composed of Jorge Rodriguez, Ezequiel Zamora, Luis Ramirez and Andres Brito, never met? This newspaper that has consistently advocated for the recognition that the parts had to have for the results, can not but express his doubts as well as request, for the same reason, a comparison of the physical vote and the numbers given out by the machines. The country also has the right to ask that the observers of the OAS and the Carter Center evaluate both the process and the results. If not, the suspicion that what happen was nothing but a steal will only become more consistent every day.

 And I would like to add one: How come abstention was in the end 37.5% if CNE Director Rodriguez spent the whole afternoon saying that it would return to historically low levels?

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