These are some of the values of the Bolivarian revolution: Hate, destruction and sexism

October 12, 2004

Today a bunch of Chavista thugs ended up in Plaza Venezuela their celebration (or protest) of Columbus Day for some, or the day of indigenous resistance for others and they ended tearing down the old statue of Columbus in Plaza Venezuela, as shown in the following pictures:

Now, I donít want you to think that this was a spontaneous act of celebration in which some people got carried away. Chavista website has been calling for this for a few days, they even had the truck ready to take the pieces away and probably sell them. There is always profit somewhere down the line around this sorry revolution:



The bottom part says: continue the fight against the devil, Bush and Columbus are the same, old and new imperialism! Talk about uncivilized and hateful behavior and that is new! This is promoted by websites well financed by the so called revolution: Hate, destruction, stupidity and savage behavior.


Meanwhile in another part of the city, Diosdado Cabello, MVR candidate to Governor of Miranda was promoting other values as seen in this picture. Certainly the equality and emancipation of women were not among them. Machismo promotion may have been one though. Thatís one group the revolution has done little for, in fact, it is remarkable in a country accustomed to women in positions of leadership what a set back women have suffered in the last five years under this ďrevolutionĒ



Absolutely disgusting use of women in political campaining!


(Thanks Ed for the heads up!)

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