Summary of the day, big day tomorrow

October 14, 2004

Busy tonight will not be able to post much, just some tidbits from the news, that I would like to talk about given the time:


Eight of the nine accused in Tachira state for rebellion were found guilty and given different sentences of up to six years in jail. The eight were found guilty of rebellion and sedition when the day after Chavez resigned they went to the Governor’s house demanding his resignation. They had no weapons, which is a requirement for sedition and the Supreme Court ruled in the case against six Generals that there was no rebellion that day but a “power vacuum”.


This is obviously a political case against these eight leaders of the social Christian party COPEI. They become now eight more political prisoners of the Chavez administration.


The biggest mystery in all this is how the man that came on TV General Lucas Rincon who said Chavez had resigned and was a prisoner is never called to declare in any of these trials. Lucas Rincon was then the minister of Defense, went home after the announcement and resurfaced as Chávez’ Minister of the Interior a few months later.


–Governors and Mayors from the opposition proved the lies of CNE Directors when they said the reason for the missing addressees of voters was the difficulty in given them in poor areas and claiming this was an old problem. The mayor of Chacao showed that 98% of those with problems are newly registered voters. The Mayors and Governors handed in 28 boxes with the evidence showing that 1.8 million voters lack an address. They managed to do this, despite the effort by the National Guard to block their access to the CNE headquarters. The Guardsman Captain told a reporter that if she reported what he tried to do in blocking them “they will promote me”. Check Daniel’s blog for more on this issue.


–Media owner Marcel Granier said upon exiting from testifying about his visit to the Presidential palace on April 13th. 2002 that “there is a massacre taking place against freedom of speech in Venezuela”. In today’s Tal Cual , Editor Petkoff outlines how the vagueness of the content law make any act as simple as an opinion or showing a movie a violation subject to shutdown of the TV station or newspaper.


–The Government condemned the destruction of the Columbus statue on Tuesday, but said nothing about withholding funding from which not only promoted the action, but its is proudly taking credit for it. Ironically, new Minister of Information Izarra was the one that coordinated the funding of from his prior position at the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington. He did not say whether additional protection would be given to the replica of Columbus’ ship which floats at the lake in Parque del Este. There have been suggestions in pro-Chavez pages that they will now go after it.


–Tomorrow, lawyer Tulio Alvarez will present his final report on the fraud during the recall vote in August. The evidence is overwhelming and will surprise. In any other country what will be presented tomorrow would lead to the resignation of the President and the Electoral Board. Pay attention in particular to all of the data about communications. Truly incredible accusations! Should be at the center of the news for the next few weeks. I will report on it as the data becomes available and will summarize the report tomorrow.

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