Quotes of the week: Granda versus Chacon

February 2, 2005

FARC Foreign Misniter Rodrigo Granda today:

“The occasional presence of members of the FARC in foreign territory is not an exclusive phenomenon of Venezuela. We have them in all of the countries of the Continent and even further”


What do you think Minister of Justice Chacon will say tomorrow when asked about this:


1)      Who is Rodrigo Granda?

2)      We understand there are FARC guerrillas in the US

3)      Colombia has a serious guerrilla problem that it has to solve.

4)      I did not say yesterday there were no FARC guerrillas in Venezuela.

5)      Who has more credibility, Granda or me?

6)      We can not investigate what happens in other countries.

7)      I talked to Mr. Granda today and he denies making those comments.

8)      Granda is great! Granda is good!

9)      We are hoping President Uribe will apologize for Granda’s statements

10)  We are waiting to receive the video with Mr. Granda’s words.

11)  You talking to me?

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