The academic qualifications of the new honorable President of the Venezuelan Supreme Court

February 2, 2005

How do you describe the career of the new President of the Venezuelan Supreme Court, without incurring in crimes that may be typified in the changes of the new penal code?

Easy, you have a blog and remember that you quoted an article by Manuel Caballero in which the Venezuelan historian (and one may say black humorist) described the qualifications of those that were named to be part of the new Court last year. At the time, I only quoted the conclusions of that article, today I will translate Caballero’s description of the man who was elected by the new loaded Supreme Court as its new President:


“There is another neo-Justice so important, that it is said, he is barking at the cave of the impish Rincon (the outgoing President) in his Maracucho sofa. According to his CV, after twenty three years of having become a teacher at the School of Administration FACES (He has never taught law), he had barely reached the level of Assistant Professor, and that with a research piece whose adviser was his comrade in the cause Omar Mezza, recently deceased and hard core member of the “process”. So that the readers have something to compare with, let us recall that the highest category in the academic ladder, that of Full Professor can be reached in ten years, with the condition that you should have a Doctorate, that this Guy does not have.


In this almost quarter of a century of teaching, his only publication was an article about administrative topics in a non-referee journal. That is, edited by him and without any scientific qualification: he collected the money and gave himself the change.”


There you have it, Caballero’s opinion’s, not myself’s. I simply don’t know the guy, nor do I want to.

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