February 4, 2005

Headline #1 “Prices can’t go up” 

Foodstuffs? Gasoline? Rent? Newspapers? Clothing?


No, this was said by the Minister of Housing referring to the prices of real state. But let’s hear his words in detail:


The Minister of Housing, Julio Montes, suggested to real state agents and owners that “please do not increase prices”, due to the demand that will be sparked by the new financing mechanisms. “We don’t want to apply compulsive measures, but in the case that prices surpass the limits of the markets (??), we can ask to have them assessed and have reference prices”


Get it? He is asking people not to ask for higher prices for their property, a very normal type of human behavior. He does not want to apply any measures, but he has come up with a novel mechanism of valuing property, which apparently has nothing to do with markets. But the winning phrase has to be:


“If prices surpass the limits of the markets”


I will let the readers know when I find someone that understands how prices can exceed the limits of markets, whatever that may mean.


Headline #2 President of Supreme Court defends decision to review “power vacuum” ruling


The new President of the new Supreme Court said that the decision by the Full Supreme Court that ruled that on April 2002 there was a power vacuum and not a coup is “reviewable”.


But let’s hear exactly what this impartial judge thinks about a case he may have to rule on in the future based on the law:


“I said we were facing a coup. I told the Justices to stay firm and not to resign, to defend the Constitution, because by resigning we would create a crisis. As I said, I had no problems in telling the media that we had a coup here and this has been recognized by international instances (Irish movies?).”


Now, this is also an interesting precedent, the Supreme Court reviewing a decision by the Supreme Court. Why rule at all, if he already made up his mind? Guilty until proven innocent!Good Jurisprudence as they would say at Oxford Law.


Headline #3: Judges that voided decision suspended


The Supreme Court suspended the Judges of the 10th. Court of Appeals that yesterday voided the decision to prohibit those charged with going to the Presidential Palace of leaving the country. Said the President of the Court, the same one that called for impartial Justice the day before:


”In this way we emphasize that we will never again allow that impunity be generated in the country, that the Judges that have sworn to fulfill the Constitution…overrun the Constitution generating absolute impunity.”


Interesting, I guess you could say: Impunity is in the eyes of the beholder.


But let’s hear what another member of the Supreme Court says about this decision:


“I am concerned that the judges are being punished for deciding, which is in the nature of their functions. They have to have freedom according to the law and justice. If a judge is threatened, it will not be able to decide in an independent fashion to guarantee the rights of the citizens”


I could not have said it better, except she uses subversive words, like deciding, freedom, law, justice and independence which are simply not part of the revolutionary justice. Will she be removed?


Headline #4 And they were charged


Seven bankers were charged yesterday for usury. The case refers to issuing indexed loans to consumers, more than one hundred bankers and owners of banks are on the list to be charged. Curiously, one of those charged yesterday is the President of a bank that never issued indexed loans. Another one was President of a Chilean Bank who went bank to Chile years ago and no longer even works for the same group. Let’s see 100 bankers, 400 people that went to the Palace in Aril 2002, they are running out of opposition leaders to charge. Are murderers next? Nah! They are not a priority. Politics above all!

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