Three new promises from our illustrious leadership

February 15, 2005

-President Hugo Chavez announced yesterday the creation of a committee to prevent and manage the follow up to disasters, which will become a permanent committee and will be presided by the Minister of the Interior and Justice Jesse Chacon.

My take: I wonder if its members will be the same as those that were supposed to come up in forty days with a plan to end poverty. By the way, it has been fifty four days and we have yet to hear from them. In fact, it i fifteen days overdue!


-And then there is the member of the Board of PDVSA who said today that in March the company will present its audited financial statements for 2003 and those from 2004 will be turned in July of this year.


My take: I remember the same thing being said in March of last year, that they would be handed in June. Then in June they said September, then in August they repurchased US$ 2.5 billion of PDVSA’s debt to save the asses of PDVSA’s Board for their failure to file under US laws. Should we believe them his time. Nah!


-And our esteemed President announced that the Government will “order” reducing the concentration of people in Vargas state. Chavez said that in 1999 they tried to do this, but they could not. This time, said Chavez “we can’t fail, at whatever cost”


My take: Another brilliant strategy, take people who live in a state with jobs and failing infrastructure and take them to another state with no jobs and no infrastructure. What do you think will happen? They will come back the same way that they came back to Vargas after the 1999 tragedy. Vargas is a state with the conditions to develop a spectacular tourist industry with thousands of jobs. The problem is that you need good management to fix the current infrastructure and then develop the new one. Too scary a thought for an incompetent Government!

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