Are you sleeping Mr. Prosecutor? by Teodoro Petkoff

February 25, 2005

Ten days ago the sister of assasinated prosecutor Danilo Anderson denied knowing her brother had the property he was supposed to have had, including the two Jet Skis that she had supposedly admitted knowing about in what she said was her forged testimony which waseaked to the press. Well, yesterdy a video surfaced in which Anderson’s sister is seen with a group of people taking the two Jet Skis away from the place where they had been stored. Today, Teodoro Petkoff takes the Prosecutor Isaias Rodriguez to task for allowing the case to be meddled with:

Are you sleeping Mr. Prosecutor? by Teodoro Petkoff


In the decade of the sixties, poet Caupolicán Ovalles made famous a poem of his whose title asked President Betancourt: Are you sleep Mr. President? We could ask the same today to Isaias Rodriguez. (The Prosecutor). It must be difficult for him to get to sleep. Each day new evidence shows that some hairy hand wants to complicate the case of Danilo Anderson. A little while back his sister, Lourdes Suarez Anderson, categorically denied that she had had knowledge of the existence of two jet skis that her brother had acquired and that the testimony in which she supposedly recognized the existence of these aquatic vehicles were forged. Today, however, a video appeared where young Lourdes, together with a bunch of other people, takes the jet skis away from the place where they were being kept. That is, she did indeed know of their existence and the testimony, obviously was not forged. She did say what she later denied saying. Thus, the attempt to tangle up the matter, planting doubts over the authenticity of the testimony (which was leaked to the press) appears to have failed. At least the testimony with Lourdes Anderson’s statement was not forged, which lead us to believe that the other weren’t either. From whose arm, comes the hairy hand that wants to shuffle the cards again?

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