In Brief: Getting rid of opponents, as any autocrat should!

February 26, 2005

–A Judge has prohibited eight Presidents of commercial banks, two ex-Presidents of the Central Bank and two former officials of the Bank Superintendence from leaving the country. They are being charged for usury in the case of indexed loans.

–A Judge ordered the capture of former President Carlos Andres Perez for activating the Plan Avila in 1989 leading to the death of 200 people. Of course, the 2002 “coup” occurred because Chávez activated the Plan Avila which led to more than 20 dead and hundreds injured, but if Chavez ordered he must have had a good reason to do it in his heart. After all, this is a pretty revolution.


–The Minister of Information Andres Izarra sent the foreign press to hell, because they did not respond to his lobbying efforts. He also said he would start the “ideological” battle by funding alternate media. Jeez, I wonder if I could get some funding, this is definitely alternate media. But I guess I inform, I don’t lobby, so I probably don’t qualify.


–Since opposition leaders Henrique Salas Romer and Salas Feo did not go to the Presidential Palace in April 2002 and can’t be charged for that, the Governor of Carabobo State “Burping” Acosta Carles, will charge them with corruption and make them ineligible to run for any office.


–The Attorney General “disqualified” Councilman Carlos Herrera accusing him of blocking and trying to hide those responsible for killing Anderson. Rodriguez, who is in charge of upholding the law in Venezuela, called Herrera “demential and mediocre”. The interesting thing is that Rodriguez said three months ago when Anderson was killed that the case would be solved within days, accusing the opposition. It was Herrera who revealed that there was a lot of money in Anderson’s apartment and there had been a group of lawyers blackmailing people, which turned the investigations towards a completely new direction which has been confirmed by all witnesses. 


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