My baby food jar is not needed by Olga Krnjasky de Aguirrebetia

February 26, 2005

Olga Krnjasky de Aguirrebetia  whom I don’t know, wrote this very good and heartfelt article in today’s El Universal. The baby food jar (compota in Spanish) is references to a campaign to have people donate things to those that suffered from the recent Vargas tragedy.

My baby food jar is not needed by Olga Krnjasky de Aguirrebetia


Without preamble. My jar of baby food is not needed and I have the means to prove it. Because it was five years ago that a billion dollars was given to Corpovargas and of the 23 riverbeds only one was completed. Hello Clodosvaldo (The Comptroller)? That money is sufficient to buy many jars of baby food. Because I pay a VAT that nobody asks what it goes for. Then I ask it and I want to see an answer in Vargas, in jars of baby food and also in mattresses and blankets.


Because a debit tax is discounted from my money with which I fund everything the Government wants: from the bombs that they throw at me when I express my dissidence, to the witch doctors that surround the Commander with candles invoking the Obscure. From that there should be funds for tin cans.


Because there is too much money that purchases fingerprint grabbing machines so that all of the Rodrigo Granda’s of the regime can vote and so that Carter can endorse it, for a price. Because of the “tramparency” (Carrasquero’ famous word, trampa means trick in Spanish), the drinking water should come out of that.


Because the Board of the CNE donated five days of their salary that I also pay for and considering the service to the revolution of stealing our votes, those five days mean a number with a lot of zeroes after it. It is sufficient, more than for baby food, for tenderloin.


Because each trip of the “dollar sucker” costs an arm and a leg, that we have to pay for, you and me, and translating those kilometers into $$$ would be enough to rebuild the lost roads. Facing such waste, can my insignificant donation make a difference?


Because each pro-Government march moves thousands of buses, gives away thousands of t-shirts and pays million dollars in per diems. Me donating a jar of baby food?


Because if they gave the Chinese the manufacture of military uniforms in a gesture of solidarity with “The brothers of almond shaped eyes”, the same as that “one Bolivar for Asi”. Who can match so much generosity?


Because the revolution buys Russian weapons for two armies. Well, that indicates that our needs are covered and the next impertinent mudslide will simply be met with shots from the Kalashnikovs.


Because the revolution spends incalculable fortunes promoting throughout the universities of the world the achievements (??) of the revolution, distributing printed and translated material, because of which my humble collaboration can not be needed given such a bonanza for exports.


Because today, with the disaster repeating, I am not interested in knowing that the Army did a good job rescuing the victims when, if they had paid attention to the predictions and the warnings of the experts, they should have evacuated on time. I am not interested in how they run when there is a disaster but in what they are doing to prevent it. Because if they had done before what they had to and collected on the public works, then there would not have been a tragedy.


It seems as if nobody is noticing that we have spent six years of robbery and mud slides!


From bolivars to hope, from peace to future, from fraternal coexistence to votes.


Because the revolution screams unhinged “Repatriation of Rodrigo Granda now” and does not include in its scream the Venezuelans kidnapped by the guerrilla, the collection of bribes for protection at the border and the anxiety that our ranchers live in, which translates into higher prices, that you and I also pay and the dangerous risk of being useful to the country instead of being parasites of the payroll.


Because Vivas, Forero and Simonovis are in jail and those that stole our votes, nationality and assets, go free.


Because there is a perverse similarity between the irresponsibility of 99 of extending the time to vote in the Constituent referendum and the wasteful PerezJimenez –like (Dictator in the 50’s) carnival assembled with a Miss Venezuela choreographer to make it “shine” and maintain the charade of bread and circus for the people.  .


Because I heard Bernal (Mayor of part of Caracas) with incredulity taking advantage of the tragedy to make propaganda of the “Bolivarian efficiency” while his brooks exposed an unsustainable lie.


Because Chacao and Baruta (municipalities in Caracas under opposition Mayors) came out unscathed of the climatic crisis, because in them there was prevention.


Because I was stuck in my seat when Barreto (Mayor of Caracas), champion of divisions, disdain and indecency for those that oppose him, facing the new tragedy told us with uncommon  poetic accent “bring a baby bottle, the victims will preserve  it later as a remainder of the integration of all Venezuelans”


Because for five years I have been making payments with lots of sacrifices for the Vargas of my soul, to rebuild it and today, we go back to square one because the Bolivarian corruption and ineptitude allowed the rivers to take away my work, my money, my effort and, above all, my bet on the reconstruction.


Because I will not even discuss the absurdity of blaming the tragedy on Bush’s Government and the Kyoto Protocol, which is nothing but an insult to anyone’s intelligence.


Because if Alo Presidente is transmitted from Russia, Argentina and soon from India with immoral costs for the country, my baby food jar is unnecessary.


Because the new mudslides drowned without remedy my natural instinct to give a hand and give myself to others. I don’t know myself.


Maybe it just is that I just spoke to Manuel, a good man from Portugal who has the concession for the coffee shop of my building in Vargas, survivor of Carmen de Uria and who with a voice defeated with tiredness and the insurmountable loss told me with his characteristic accent”


Ms. Olga, we are all well, yes Luis, Gabriel and Mario too, but everything was lost again. I leave you now, I am going to get a colonel at Club Camuri because they want to come and loot …again.

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