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The lazy and fake revolution loves to photoshop

March 2, 2005

Not to go back to the same topic because the previous post was so successful, but as pointed out by Tal Cual today, the revolution certainly loves to photoshop and as with so many things they do, they cut corners and forget about ethics and such things as property rights. The newest case in the revolution is being photoshopped comes from the Caracas Metropolitan Mayor who when he came into power chose to revamp, restructure, and relaunch his Office, as so many Venezuelan politicians, past and present, love to do as if that improved performance. For their new image they showed a lion, the symbol of Caracas, originally called Santiago de Leon de Caracas. And they “designed” this symbol:


Problem is it looks a lot like that of a US broker, bank, and company called Harris, which looks something like this:



(I took this one from a subsidiary called Harrisinsight) But if you crop and flip the one from the mayor’s office, add a few lines and smooth out, you can clearly see they are one and the same:




As someone pointed out, the revolution certainly has learned to Photoshop, even if they don’t appear to have learned very much else and that my friends, is some progress!