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Spoken like a true statesman

March 8, 2005

Once in a while, President Hugo Chavez can say exactly the right things
if he puts his mind to it. That was the case of his statements in Qatar
about the crisis in Bolivia. Surprisingly, the local news outlet has
not given much space to it, but here is exactly what Chavez said in
reference to what is happening there:

“I support Mesa.We don’t want destabilizing movements in the region”

All I can say, his first words on the Bolivia subject are exactly what one would expect from a
statesman. Will he speak again on the issue and ruin it?

(Yes, this is a positive statement by me, about Chavez, what can I say)

Species, species, species

March 8, 2005

The lesser one of the Venezuelan Cattleyas (No insult, just reality!), Cattleya Lawrenceana. Top left: Specimen plant with 20 some blooms. Top Right: Detailed shot of the flower.


Left: Venezuelan Schomburgkia Undulata, which I love. Right: Brazilian Cattleya Aclandie, difficult, but when you dominate it, it flowers twice a year. It is very fragrant and you have to love the contrast between the brown, dotted sepals and petal and the red lip!