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Carter and his wife resign from Carter Center leadership roles

March 24, 2005

The news is out that Jimmy Carter has just resigned
from leading the Carter Center, giving out many excuses about helping
the transition for when he and his wife are no longer active in the Center’s
activities. I guess we may never know exactly why he and his wife quit,
but I sure hope it had something to do with the bad job done by the
Center in Venezuela. It certainly sounds strange for both Carter and
his wife to quit at the same time their respective positions at the
Board of Trustees of the Center. I am sure this was forced by other
trustees. Ever since Carter won the Nobel Peace prize the Center’s image has been damaged by its actions.

My feeling is that this is neither good nor bad for the Center itself. It was
Carter’s presence that supposedly gave it its prestige, so I don’t see
how his departure helps. But at the same time, Carter’s leadership in
the eyes of Venezuelans like me left a lot to be desired and the Center
made superficial decisions on Venezuela and the whole process that led
to the recall vote, which hurt the Center’s image. They would have to
find an extermely powerful leader to make up for both these problems.