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The TSJ backs off

March 11, 2005

This is important. I just read
that the TSJ just decided unanimously to change their previous decision
absolving the militaries involved in the events of April 11, 2002. I am
no lawyer, but I see it as a dangerous precedent. It means that no
final decision will ever be final.
Jorge Arena

News from a lazy ghost

March 11, 2005

Dear readers,

I am one of the two ghosts that are ready to blog in case
there are some interesting news fromVenezuela.
Some of you may remember me as a ghost blogger in Daniel’s blog. Since Miguel
does not pay me as much as Daniel, I will not work as hard as the last time. If
you have any complaints, you can address them to Daniel for recommending me and
to Miguel when he comes back.

So here are some news .

1.- A member of the
National Assembly proposes that the
sale be approved by a popular Referendum. He has doubts about the
sale and claims that since CITGO is an asset for Venezuela,
the people of Venezuela
should be consulted before the sale.

2.- The president of Iran
has arrived to Caracas for a formal visit.
Note that it is Jose Vicente Rangel the
one in the picture with Mohammad Jatami.
Chavez is probably still in France

3.- Meanwhile Chavez was still in Paris
visiting Chirac after
making some oil deals with the French company Total. BTW, in a French press conference
described here
by Daniel, he said that OPEC should not increase its oil production and he
talked again about the plot to kill him. It has become his favorite theme.

My French is quite elementary, but I checked the main pages
of some major French newspapers and could find just a minor report that Chavez
was in Paris . I checked le
(no news), le Figaro
(one article) and Liberation (no news). Maybe the French
speaking readers like Daniel can give me a hand here. I find it quite
surprising that the French press would not be more enthusiastic about Chavez

4.- And the government of Venezuela
decided to get rid of the imperialistic Internet English abbreviation imposed
by the IETF. According to resolution
of the Science and Technology Ministry, the domain “gov” (from
“government”) will be replaced within two years by the more Spanish
abbreviation “gob” (from gobierno). So I can sleep better tonight thinking that Chavez government is really having important priorities in Science and

Jorge Arena.