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A picture of thugs, militarism and impunity

July 26, 2005

When you think you have seen it all, then this picture is in the front
page of today’s El Nacional. The picture was taken at yesterday’s
anniversary of the city of Caracas, where the illustrious Mayor of the
Libertador municipality, Freddy Bernal, gave a medal to the wife of the new Minister of
Defense, who is the man in white on the right of the picture. His wife
is shown on the left in military garb. Clearly Mayor Bernal decided he
had to suck up to the new Minister who was named to the position only two
weeks ago. As if this were not enough, Mayor Bernal also gave a medal
to the woman in the middle, whose name is Lina Ron. Lina Ron is a
pro-Chavez rebolutionary that is allowed to do whatever she pleases
because of her support to the President. A while back I wrote about how she showed up
with a bunch of thugs at a police station and freed her husband and four
other men who had been detained for attemtping to kidnap a woman from a
hospital, which caused the resignation of the Head of Police of that
municipality. And only last July 8th. Ron and her supporters kidnapped
and harassed two reporters for daring to take pictures in her
terrirtory. (How democratic, no?) This kidnapping was protested
formally by Reporters sans Frontiers to the Attorney General. This is the type of impunity and
savage values that this militaristic revolution is installing in this
country. Reporters are harrased (Do I hear freedom of expression in Venezuela from
anyone out there?), Thugs and abusers are given medals by Government
officials and are proudly hugged by the Minister of Defense. (Do I hear there is respect for the law and due process in
Venezuela?). Military garb is the rule of the day among civilians and
military alike. (Do I hear this is not a militaristic Government?)

Oh yeah! I forgot that Mayor Bernal, without the supposed “research”
that was going to be done on the date of the foundation of Caracas, did
away with the Diego de Lozada medal and invented new ones. Poor Diego! It took almost five hundred years for him to realize he just wasted his time!

Note added: It is unclear to me now if the women on the left is
Maniglia’s wife or the Mayor’s wife. If it is the Mayor’s wife, then it
will be an even more significant show of militarism as she was never in
the military.