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March not allowed to reach CNE

July 30, 2005

The opposition held a march
to go from the East of Caracas to the Electoral Board to present a
document demanding more transparency in the voting process. The
National Guard and the police surrounded the Electoral Board where they
built a barricade, threw tear gas and clashed with the protestors. The
march was not able to deliver the document to the CNE authorities. The
police would not even allow a delegation to reach the CNE. The General
that heads the metropolitan police offered to receive the documents,
but the leaders of the march refused to give it to him, demanding that
they be allowed to hand it in directly to the CNE. At the end of the
demonstration, one of the CNE Directors went over to get the document,
complaining about the show of force, but by the time she got there the
march had dissolved.

Once again, the basic rights of Venezuelans
are denied and excessive repression is used agaisnt peaceful civilians.
The “pretty” revolution strikes again, but it strikes its citizens and
their rights.