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Coronel on Telesur: A must read

July 27, 2005

Gustavo Coronel takes apart Telesur in this great article. An excerpt:

quality of Telesur is very low but, at least, the adventure has been
cheap so far. Compared to the several billions of dollars Chávez has
recently spent in military hardware including aircraft, warships,
helicopters, rifles, Argentinean debt bonds, PetroCaribe and
PetroAndina and the billions he has already pledged to buy Ecuadorian
debt, oil tankers made in Brazil and to bail out the Uruguayan airline,
the US$10 million capital he put into Telesur is peanuts. Of course,
only Venezuelan street children could appreciate how welcome such an
amount would be to take hundreds of them off the street, off drugs and
prostitution. In the context of the glorious Chávez revolution this
amount is just a small initial contribution to his dreams of regional