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Protecting the friends and supporters of the revolution

July 13, 2005

While I
was away, an accident took place in the Las Mercedes area of Caracas.
A high speed motorcycle went by a police post, hit the sidewalk at high
speed and rooled over. A woman riding the motorcycle with teh driver
died and the driver of the motorcycle fell and
hurt himself sufficiently to spend some time in intensive care and he
hospitalized to this day.

In any
country an accident like this would be investigated with diligence and the
driver of the motorcycle would be charged with involuntary manslaughter. The
driver would be sentenced according to whether it is determined that the driver
acted irresponsibly or not, after interviewing the witnesses of the accident.

But not in
the Chavez revolution, which protects its own in the face of corruption,
immorality and reckless behavior. The driver of the motorcycle, a police
vehicle according to witnesses, was none other than former stripper, turned
Head if the intelligence police, head of the training institute INCE and now
President of the National Land Institute Eliecer Otaiza, the same one that has
built his own modern and complete personal gym at each and everyone of the
institutions he has presided, none of which he had any prior qualifications

You see,
none of
the witnesses have been interviewed
and by now investigators have determined
that none of what they saw that fateful night is correct. According to the
conclusions of the police (the same one that killed the kids in Barrio Kennedy)
Otaiza and the woman were both run over by a “phantom car” and the Attorney
General ahs even suggested (please hold your laughter) that the whole incident
may simply have been a terrorist attempt on Otaiza’s life!

You see,
the accident was on June23d. none of the witnesses has been interviewed
including the municipal police of Baruta, thus the case will simply be filed. What
is most interesting is what witnesses say. Watchman Victor Manuel Vargas is
glad that he has not been interviewed: “I am not crazy. That man knocked himself
over by himself I saw that he was riding a police motorcycle from the back part
of the seat and now they say that he was driving a BMW, as if it was all a

reporters that showed up at the scene of the accident also say they were victims
of a mirage. The role of a second car was apparently kept secret that night,
the body of the woman was removed before the coroner showed up, illegal in
Venezuelan legislation and everything was taken away in a very short time.

Oh yeah! I
forgot, it was determined that Otaiza was no driving under the influence of
alcohol or drugs. What else do you expect from a revolutionary?

Somehow the
words scruples, ethics and morality are not part of the revolutionary language.
But protecting those that show unfailing loyalty to the almighty leader is
among the priorities of the revolution. Ask Otaiza or all of the corrupt people
in the Government, the military and PDVSA.

Sheer madness or new Venezuelan imperialism? (with bonus)

July 13, 2005

The news
coming out of the Venezuelan Government are by now either bordering in madness
or we are seeing the implementation of a plan to buy Chavez and his Government
friends by throwing money all over Latin America in order to get political
support. Besides giving away oil to Cuba, starting
, creating Petrocaribe to
spread the oil even further, financing a Samba
school in Rio
and buying
Argentina’s debt
, we now hear in the span of a few hours even more
harebrained schemes:

-Venezuela will
buy half of the Uruguayan airline from Brazilian airline Varig.

-Venezuela will
buy Ecuadorian bonds to help that country.

-Venezuela proposes starting a bond trading center in Venezuela so
that the country’s in the region can buy each other’s debt. Of course, as
pointed out by a friend, the only country with money to do this is Venezuela, so
guess which country will do all the buying?

This is
simply sheer madness. A country that has borrowed so far this year over US$ 3
billion by issuing foreign debt, a country with close to 70% poverty, a Government which
can not claim it has built any serious basic infrastructure in the last few years,
can not throw money away like this…unless…the whole thing is simply an effort
to buy influence, popularity and political support for Hugo Chavez and his ugly revolution.

What comes
next? Telling the world that Ecuador
and Argentina do not have to
pay Venezuela
back as suggested by a friend today? Is this simply a plan to have Chavez gain
more international credibility and satisfy his whims?

The whole
thing is so ridiculous and absurd that I
originally thought that the following article in today’s El
Nacional was funny but so silly that it was not worth translating, but I give it to you as a bonus to go with this crazy story:

Caracas to host 2021 Olympic
by Luis
Chumaceiro Tokio/Chumapress

Caracas will organize the 2021 Olympic Games in 2021, after obtaining the
unanimous backing in the first round of votes in the election that the International
Olympic Committee held today and in which Moscow,
New York, Madrid
and Paris were eliminated.

organizers of the event rejected that in electing the Venezuelan capital, the
offer to pay the external debt of the small countries that are part of the organization
or the handover of oil concessions for 500 years to developed countries carried
any weight.

The vote
went against the predictions made in the last few days by members of the COI
and its President George Rodriguez, in the sense that the result would be close
and there would be a few rounds of voting. Nevertheless, the truckload of “gifts”
to federations, national Olympic committees and athletes, gave ground to all
sorts of mistrust and rang the alarms in the face of denunciations of the violation
of the regulations about what candidacies can or not do. It should be remembered
that the regulations of the COI are very strict since the organization was hit
by the scandals of corruption in Salt
Lake City.

President, Jean Marie Le Pen, recognized today upon his arrival to Gleneagles, Scotland,
that he was “naturally distressed” in that Caracas
was elected to hold the Olympic Games of 2021, which Paris also aspired to, according to AFP. The French
President is participating in the G20 Summit (G20) that groups all of the countries
which are out of luck in the world, and on top of that there is this new reversal facing them However,
he did convey some resentment because the new automated system was used,
instead of the traditional direct round of voting with paper ballots The high French
dignitary showed his surprise given that not even the French representative
voted for Paris as well as the cost of 200 million euros for this system.

Facing the
insistence of reporters, the Board pointed out that all accusations against
Venezuela will be directed to the ethics commission of the COI, led by Isaias Rodríguez,
the Venezuelan representative; Carlos Castro, the Cuban representative, Kim Lim
Piao, representative from North Korea and Muhamed Al Salami, Libyan representative.
The spokesman for the COI was forceful:” The automated system is shielded and
we defended each vote with our life”

It should be pointed out that Venezuela additionally, registered
interesting offers in the dossier for its candidacy, which was the one basis on
which the evaluation committee, which visited the five cites originally proponed.
promised to pay the trip for the 10,500 athletes and their teams with first class

On top of that, all of them will have free tickets to Venezuelan trains,
10,000 dollars in cash for telephone calls wherever they are and their families
may stay for free in five star hotels that they promise to build with the same
efficiency with which they developed the housing plan of the revolution.

The Director for the candidacy, Aristobulo Isturiz, metropolitan Mayor of
Caracas, confirmed that besides this, the
athletes and the delegates will have at their disposal unlimited credit lines
for their expenses in local outfits like restaurants, stores and theaters. The
winks of Caracas
also reached the national Olympic committees that will have at their disposal
1.5 million dollars to establish entertainment centers in the best places of
the capital. Besides this, the strict security of the streets of the capital
and the beauty of the great public works were also an unquestionable factor in
making the decision.

In the next Olympic Games there will be new disciplines that the Venezuelans
hope to obtain medals in for the first time in 38 years. There is special interest
in “knifing with rubber bands”, “wet t-shirts”, “beer marathons”, “100 meters
being hit by a machete”, shoot the innocent” and “canoeing in the Guaire river”.

President Jose
Vicente Rangel assured everyone that he “never doubted the victory” to have the
organization of the Olympic date, according to EFE. “The victory was tough to obtain,
but the impartiality of the COI was a determining factor in the face of good
adversaries” Rangel indicated during a visit to Havana, Cuba.

Intolerance, threats and fear become an everyday phenomenon

July 13, 2005

Yesterday, students marched
towards the National Assembly demanding that the deaths of the three
students by the police be investigated, that Minister of Interior and
Justice be censored and asking that the death of the three students not
be used as an excuse to cretae the National Police. The Head of the
National Assembly Nicolas Maduro met with the students, a first since
the new Constitution was pproved, as no President of the Assembly had
ever met with students that do not support it. Of course, he turned around and
proceeded to vote not to censor Chacón. Chacón meanhwile, dismissed the march as being promoted by leftwing party Bandera Roja, which is supposedly looking for the death of a student to make noise.

What has not been mentioned as widely, is the sorry spectacle of the
Bolivarian Circles which showed up to interfere with the demonstration
by the students. Not only did they try to stop the students from
reaching their goal, but as the students left the Capitol, they started
throwing sticks and stones at them and one girl was injured. This type
of intolerance was introduced by Chavez and his cronies in Venezuela’s
political life. But beyond this, one has to wonder exactly what the
Bolivarian Circles meant with their action. Do they approve of the way
the police acted in the murders of the students? Is it that they do not
want an investigation? Who were they supposedly defending by violating
the rights of others? Chavez? Maduro? Chacón? The Police? But I am sure
they did not even know why they were there. Some fascist MVR leader
organized the protest and sent them like animals to stop the students and they obeyed.

Intolerance is being promoted by the Government daily. In Anzoategui
State, the Governor created the first brigade that will go around
cybercafes, monitoring that users do not load “forbidden” pages. Of
course, they do not define, as of yet, what is forbidden, is the simple
threat that counts. The same reason why the media has downplayed the
violence yesterday: fear of the Government, fear of intolerance and fear
of sanctions against them.
Intolerance, threats and fear are not exactly the basic ingredients of a democracy society, but here the rule the day.