Intolerance, threats and fear become an everyday phenomenon

July 13, 2005

Yesterday, students marched
towards the National Assembly demanding that the deaths of the three
students by the police be investigated, that Minister of Interior and
Justice be censored and asking that the death of the three students not
be used as an excuse to cretae the National Police. The Head of the
National Assembly Nicolas Maduro met with the students, a first since
the new Constitution was pproved, as no President of the Assembly had
ever met with students that do not support it. Of course, he turned around and
proceeded to vote not to censor Chacón. Chacón meanhwile, dismissed the march as being promoted by leftwing party Bandera Roja, which is supposedly looking for the death of a student to make noise.

What has not been mentioned as widely, is the sorry spectacle of the
Bolivarian Circles which showed up to interfere with the demonstration
by the students. Not only did they try to stop the students from
reaching their goal, but as the students left the Capitol, they started
throwing sticks and stones at them and one girl was injured. This type
of intolerance was introduced by Chavez and his cronies in Venezuela’s
political life. But beyond this, one has to wonder exactly what the
Bolivarian Circles meant with their action. Do they approve of the way
the police acted in the murders of the students? Is it that they do not
want an investigation? Who were they supposedly defending by violating
the rights of others? Chavez? Maduro? Chacón? The Police? But I am sure
they did not even know why they were there. Some fascist MVR leader
organized the protest and sent them like animals to stop the students and they obeyed.

Intolerance is being promoted by the Government daily. In Anzoategui
State, the Governor created the first brigade that will go around
cybercafes, monitoring that users do not load “forbidden” pages. Of
course, they do not define, as of yet, what is forbidden, is the simple
threat that counts. The same reason why the media has downplayed the
violence yesterday: fear of the Government, fear of intolerance and fear
of sanctions against them.
Intolerance, threats and fear are not exactly the basic ingredients of a democracy society, but here the rule the day.


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