News about Chavez’ friends that went unnoticed today

October 26, 2005

And in the news that went unnoticed about Chavez and his friends:

Friends will become enemies:
Venezuela is always telling other countries to respect the country’s
sovereingty, so I wonder what those same countries will think of this
message today by the Venezuelan Minister of Integration and Commerce:

“The relations between Venezuela and those countries that sign the free trade agreement with the US will need “adjustments””

Jeez, Mr. Marquez who used to be such a nice measured man, dissapeared for
six years and now resurfaces as a Minister in the Chavez administartion
talking almost like The Godfather.

Some friends leave, while some enemies stay:
The New Tribes are still here, apparently the decree or decision to
kick them out has not even been implemented, but it turns out the Mormons are leaving
“due to a matter of security which is slightly complicated”. The
Mormons apparentlly left already, according to the US Ambassador (no
press relearse from Minci on this matter) while the New Tribes “some of
which are CIA” according to the Vice-President, have yet to leave.
Moreover, the great “intelligence” that Chavez received about the New
Tribes failed to mention to him that lots of members of the New Tribes
are actually Venezuelan citizens and thus can not be kicked out of the

That’s what happens when autocrats make uninformed decisions ignoring the laws.

Making new friends:Despite denials that this will take place, Chavez actually met with a real live modern socialist with a track record today.
I always wonder why Chavez gets along so famously with foreign
socialists and hates the local ones so much that he never even talks to

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