Breaking News: Reporter, Banker and two others indicted in Anderson’s case

November 4, 2005

The Prosecutor’s Office charged
four people with the murder of Prosecutor Danilo Anderson today. The four are:

-Reporter Patricia Poleo, a well known Chavez critic whose home was raided January by
cops looking for her sources of information. Poleo had said publicly recently
that the Prosecutor will charge her with it and he went as far as holding a
press conference denying
that this was the case
, while Poleo insisted that Prosecutor Isaias
Rodriguez ahd told her father, Editor Rafael Poleo about it. Poleo had already
gotten a six month sentence, which she was appealing for defaming the Minister
of Justice Jesse Chacon.

-Banker Nelson Mezerhane, the CEO and majority owner of Banco Federal, which
was mentioned as one of the largest creditors of Refco recently. Mezerhane is
not well known for being involved in politics and has been seen recently at the
Presidential Palace at meetings with Chavez and/r the Vice-President. His name
was mentioned as a possible home to be raided in the days soon after the murder
of Anderson
which was then
denied by the Minister of Justice.
He was mentioned in connection with
lawyer Antonio Lopez who was killed days
after the death of Anderson
by local police.

-General Eugenio
ez, one of
the Generals of Plaza Altamira who was a General in the National Guard.

-Salvador Romani, who is of Cuban origin and has been accused of being a CIA
agent by the Cuban Government.

Note Added: Poleo says
she will not hide, she had nothing to do with it, she knows “of”
Mezerhane but could not identify him if he was in fornt of her and was
not in Panama at the meeting whrere reportedly this was planned. She
says she has never visited that country and was not at a wedding in the
Dominican Republic where this was also planned.

More: Prosecutor says there are more people involved and
one of them will need his/her inmunity to be removed (Active military
and Deputies have inmunity here, Courts have to remove it with evidence
in order for them to be tried)

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